Opinions about technology innovation is an independent assessment of the technology that the entrepreneur wants to apply. According to Oslo Manual, innovation is the: implementation of a new or improved product, improvement of the process, a new method marketing or a new method of company organization.

Opinions on technological innovations can be applied in:

  • obtaining funding from the structural funds
  • for applicants for a technological loan
  • for tax purposes
  • for marketing purposes

The opinions prepared by our employees contain the exact technology specifics and its period of validity in Poland and in the world. The faculties of the Gdańsk University of Technology are entitled to issue opinions on innovation. Individual opinions are created by experienced scientific staff of the Gdańsk University of Technology.

Questions and completed forms can be directed to an email address: biznes@pg.edu.pl

Details can be obtained by phone +48 58 348 62 62

Time of preparing the opinion is about 2 weeks. The scope of the opinion, price and date are determined individually with each client.