If you are an entrepreneur and want to establish cooperation with Gdańsk University of Technology, we would like to invite you to contact the PG Business Service Center:

tel.: +48 58 348 62 62
e-mail: biznes@pg.edu.pl


Gdańsk University of Technology, through the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer, realizes cooperation with industry in the following areas:

  • Commissioned research - implementation of research, laboratory services, advice and expertise to meet the needs and expectations of specific customers. Contracting, valuation and implementation of work is done in different scientific units (Faculties) of the University. In justified cases, support for the implementation of the research is carried out by the SPV at Gdańsk University of Technology - Excento Sp. z o.o.[Ltd.]
  • Providing rights to the technology / research results developed at the University - depending on the nature of the project as well as the needs and possibilities of the business partner - granting of licenses to use the technology developed as part of research by the employees of the University.
  • Implementation of joint research and development projects through the creation of a research and development consortium - Gdańsk University of Technology implements many R & D projects in cooperation with industry using the instruments to finance such undertakings offered, among others, by NCBiR, PARP, EU.
  • Setting up of a spin-off / out based on the technology developed at the University and / or using the infrastructure of the University - this path is directed at GUT staff and students and their business partners who are interested in the creation of new companies based on research results, to which property rights are owned by the University. The establishment of spin-off / out is justified only if the technology has features which would enable the development of an independent product, service or technology that can be directly implemented on the market and made available to the end customer. Creating special purpose vehicles to commercialize technology allows the use of instruments of support of investors, of the seed or venture capital type. This path is implemented through a SPV at Gdańsk University of Technology – Excento Sp. z o.o.[Ltd.]

We are looking forward to doing business with you!
e-mail: biznes@pg.edu.pl
tel .: +48 58 348 62 62