Staff of the Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer provide support to researchers of the University in the field of:

Verification of grant applications, on issues related to:

  • Managing intellectual property in projects,
  • Developing strategies to protect intellectual property
  • Establishing business principles of division and exploitation of intellectual property generated in the course of the project,
  • Concluding agreements and consortia contracts with industrial partners.

Sharing the rights to the results of research conducted by the staff of the University, i.e.:

  • Identification and protection of solutions with innovative potential,
  • Development of technological offers and promoting solutions,
  • The search for industrial partners for implementations,
  • Valuation of engineering solutions,
  • Negotiation and conclusion of license agreements.

Implementation of research projects and services for corporations and institutions (commissioned research), i.e.:

  • Organization of interdisciplinary implementation teams,
  • Help in determining the conditions and business relationships with customers,
  • Valuation and optimization of the costs of contracts,
  • Negotiating conditions and verification of contracts.

Creation of spin-off companies based on research results of the University in collaboration with Excento Sp z o.o.[Ltd.], i.e.:

  • Analysis of innovative potential of the project,
  • Analysis and support for the organization of the team,
  • Analysis of the legal and financial possibility of creating a spin-off company based on the selected engineering solution,
  • Legal services for the incubation process of the company and for attracting investors,
  • Valuation of intellectual property,
  • Legal services for the process of setting up the company,
  • Co-financing of the pre-incubation process and of the costs of setting up the company.