A large group of researchers at Gdańsk University of Technology conducts research, the results of which are of interest to entrepreneurs. An analysis of the activity of Polish enterprises in the introduction of innovations shows that this activity is on the increase.
The process of commercialization of research results at Gdańsk University of Technology is specified in the Rules of management and commercialization of intellectual property at Gdańsk University of Technology, introduced by the Senate Resolution No. 258 PG / XXIII / 2015 of 18 March 2015.

Here we present the principal regulations to keep in mind:

  • If you produce results (inventions or innovative solutions) in the course of employment contract, property rights to the results belong entirely to Gdansk University of Technology (the employer), the personal rights of the results belong to the creators of solutions.
  • Researchers report the generated results to the Patent Attorneys Team (results can also be reported through Moja PG platform). Patent Attorneys provide detailed information about the possibilities of obtaining legal protection of the results and carry out the process.
  • If the research results are to be subject to commercialization, their author can not reveal relevant information, in particular through scientific publications, the press, participation in conferences, etc., as such disclosure would deprive Gdańsk University of Technology of the possibility of obtaining patent protection rights.
  • Commercialization of research results is carried out by the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer and the SPV Excento in which the University owns 100% of the shares. The most common scenarios for commercialization are:
    - providing companies with a license to use the results,
    - creation of spin-off companies based on the results.
  • In the event of commercialization of the invention or innovation by Gdańsk University of Technology, the authors get 50% of the profit from commercialization.